Free Guide to the FUNDAELearn How to Reclaim the Cost of Training

What is the Fundae

The State Foundation for employment Training (FUNDAE) is a Spanish governmental foundation charged with promoting and coordinating the implementation of public policies on professional training.

  • Each company will have a certain amount of credit available to them each year
  • Credit is calculated based on the companies social security contributions
  • Credit can be used for professional workplace training

How do I know how much credit my company has available?

A percentage of the social security payments made by a company are set aside by the government in a fund to be used specifically for professional workplace training.

  • Ask your gestor for the "Cuota formaciĆ³n profesional" of your company for the previous year
  • Find out how many employees the company has
  • With those 2 figures goto the Fundae website and use the Simulador de Credito at:

How can I use my credit?

A company can utilise the credit available for relevant professional workplace training. There is a process as below:

  • Organise a course and communciate the details via the Fundae web portal
  • Complete payment for the course to the provider
  • Complete the training and reclaim the cost

How is the cost reclaimed?

Up to 100% of the cost of the training course can be relaimed depending on the credit available to your company. The cost is refunded via discounted future social security payments a company mmakes on behalf of its employees. There is a process to complete as below:

  • Complete and retain Fundae paperwork including participant details and feedback forms
  • Communicate course completion via the Fundae web portal
  • Select during which period your company wants to receive the refund via the Fundae web portal

Important points to consider

It is important that a company follows the Fundae regulations with regard to organising a course and reclaiming the cost. Remember:

  • The course details must be communicated to the Fundae at least 7 days prior to course start date
  • Training must be completed during employees normal working hours
  • The invoice must be paid before the cost can be reclaimed

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