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FUNDAE - The State Foundation for Workplace Employment Training


The State Foundation for employment Training (FUNDAE) is a Spanish governmental foundation charged with promoting and coordinating the implementation of public policies on professional training in the area of employment and labor relations.

Leading trade union (CCOO, UGT and CIG) and business (CEOE, CEPYME) organizations participate on its board, along with the autonomous communities and the Spanish Central Administration through the State Department of Employment.

Prior to 2015, when the employment training system was reformed, it was known as the Tripartite Foundation for Employment Training.

Most companies will be able to claim anywhere from 50%-100% of the cost of training back using the FUNDAE depending on the number of employees and social security contributions that have been made by the company - effectively it is a percentage of the social security payments made by a company that have been set aside by the government in a fund to be used specifically for professional workplace training. However if it is not used it can be lost! So use it or lose it!

The FUNDAE provide concise instructions and information on how to access and utilise the subsidies which can be found on their website, click here to visit the FUNDAE website.

EFR Training can take care of all the arrangements for you for a fee of €65 per group + IVA. This offer is valid for groups of up to 20 students with a total course cost of no more than €1,000
Subsidies are in the form of discounted Social Security contributions available to companies that invest in employee training. All companies have an annual credit assigned that they can invest in training, which later gives them access to subsidies in the form of discounted Social Security contributions.

Assistance for training actions in companies is processed using the ”Company-scheduled training” computer application. For the purposes of subsidies, all direct costs related to the course itself and those that can be considered indirect or related to its organization are subject to the following limits:

• Indirect costs: 10% of the total cost of the training activity
• Organizational costs (costs of the external body charged with its organization):
• 20% – companies with up to 5 employees.
• 15% – companies with between 6 and 9 employees.
• 10% – companies with 10 or more employees.

At EFR Trainnig, we offer training courses that are tailored according to the needs of your company. Contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable course for you, taking into account your subsidy options.
• The company is up to date on its Social Security obligations and with the Tax Agency.
• The company has not depleted its annual training credit.
• Students must be hired as employees and make contributions to the General Social Security Scheme.
• Students must attend at least 75% of the duration of the course.
• The course must not have a duration of less than 2 hours.
• An employee may not participate for more than 8 hours a day.
• Training must be free for participants.
• The company must keep daily records of employees attending the course.
Classes may be classroom-based, online or a combination of the two (blended learning format = classroom-based plus online learning). Please note that online only First Aid training courses do not meet with the workplace health and safety regulations in Spain.

With regard to online learning, there are two training levels available:
• Basic: provides skills to develop basic competences and qualifications and/or in cross-disciplinary or generic subjects.
• Advanced: subjects that imply a specialization or provide skills to develop administrative or managerial competences.
The course must be paid for by the company in order to justify that it was held and to be able to access the corresponding subsidy. The subsidized amount can be deducted from a later Social Security contribution payment in the same year.
Each company can register a course at least 7 calendar days before it starts and manage it on the FUNDAE platform. However, EFR Training can take care of all the arrangements for you for a fee of €65 per group + IVA. This offer is valid for groups of up to 20 students with a total course cost of no more than €1,000

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